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All-Natural Products

Farm Fresh Eggs $8 for 18 eggs

Natural Raw Honey

Honey Combs


Frozen Mangos

Fresh Mangos- Retail you pick, $20 the box. Bring your own container to transfer. (SUMMER SEASONAL)

Farm Fresh: From our Farm to your Table

We have most products available year round, with the exception of the seasonal mangos and at times the Nukes. When the mangos are available they are "You-Pick". Bring comfortable clothes, prepare to get a little dirty and hot, but the sweet sticky mangos will be worth it! Bring a box to transfer and remember you are NOT allowed to climb the trees, only the goats are. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our farm is home to live bees that help us produce raw and unpasteurized honey. For those who prefer, you may purchase honey complete with the comb. If you have a bee allergy please avoid the trip and send a friend, don't take any chances.

We also offer fresh organic eggs. Our happy hens, lay eggs with large, deeply colored yolks which are great for cooking. They are fresh, that means not washed, that also means that what you see on the egg shell is poop. FOLLOW GOOD hygene, we do not recommend eatting raw poultry products.  

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