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Frequently Asked Questions

I am at the front gate, what do I do?

Please ring the door bell, its to the right of the gate. Ring once, wait approximately 5 mins. Its long property and we are working with the animals all day so please give us a few mins to respond. The door bell will ring in the back and we can hear it, even if you can't.

(We promise.)

Where are you guys located, when are you open? Can I come by on Sunday or Wednesday at 7 pm?

Monday- Sat 9 am- 5 pm ***

18525 SW 177 Ave

Miami, FL 33187

At the corner of Eureka (184 St) and Krome (177 Ave), across from the Tomb Thumb gas station

*** We are a SMALL, family owned and operated business. Life happens and sometimes we have to step out to deal with life, get feed for the animals, grab lunch, etc. There will be a closed and back by sign on the door. If this really stressed you out, text prior to comming and we will confirm availability, but don't stress infront of the farm, it won't do you any good. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

What kind of "stuff" do you guys have.......or do you have.....?

We deal in:




sheep/ carneros


seasonal pea-fowls  guinea and turkeys


Prices vary by animal, age, breed, season, etc and therefore will not be listed. You are welcome to do the really old fashioned thing people just don't do anymore and stop by and ask for pricing. (But, I'll give you an idea the most affordable rabbit will run approximately $30, baby goats around $100, a jar of honey $6, mangos ( DURING THE SEASON) $20 a crate you pick them.)

We DO NOT have, so please don't ask for:

fish- of any kind





So.... what kind of rabbits do you have? Do you have standards? Do you have turtles?

The rabbits are mostly miniatures, we do have some standard rabbits available on occasion, we do not have any giant rabbits at this time. If you are still wondering what we do and don't have reffer to the first question. 

How much are your rabbits? 

Prices start at $35 each and vary depending on the breeds. Specialty breeds such as Lionheads, Mini-lops, and Mini-rexes have a higher cost. 

Do your rabbits have pedigrees? Do you have show rabbits? My kid is in FFA or 4-H or Turner Tech, Felix Varela, etc

We do not have "show quality" rabbits at this time. That does not mean that the rabbits cannot be shown or that a pedigree cannot be issued, it just means the rabbits have not compeated and that you are responsible for being familiar with the breeds Standard of Perfection and choosing the animal you feel best meets those traits and therefore has a better chance at showing well.

Check out the resources tab for more rabbit care info.

Do you have cages? How do I take the rabbit home? 

We do carry consignement cages, they are not new, that have been previously used and they are not always available. You are welcome to load your bunny up in a carrier or lap of your choosing for the ride home, but we do have carboard boxes as well for temporary transport. 

Do you have rabbit food?

The rabbit feed bags are $5 a piece and they are plain pellets. That is what we recommend, plain pellets, not the one with all the dried up fruits and veggies and yogurt covered raisins. (Rabbits don't eat yogurt covered raisins in the wild.) Also make sure your bunny has hay available we recommend peanut or timothy ( NOT STRAIGHT ALFALFA) and fresh water. DO NOT feed your rabbits a diet consisting of iceburg letttuce and or carrots and tomattoes, that is not a balanced diet.

Check out the resources tab for more rabbit care info.

My rabbit is sick.

Our veterinarian is great, she's very nice and we want to help you as best we can. As a courtesy, because we care and want to help, not because we are required to. She does house calls (for a fee) and holds a low cost clinic twice a month at Sunset Western, its one Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and on a Tuesday from 10 am to 11 am. This is her practice contact phone number 352-870-8269, they don't offer emergency services, therefore if you pet has an emergency you will need to go to a standing clinic. 

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