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Villareal Boarding

Boarding Redefined: A farm getaway for your pet

How is it different? 

Have your pet take a vacation too! They will get to enjoy the fresh air and other animal interactions while boarding at the farm. We have a dedicated veterinary technician who will keep your pets comfortable, happy, and carefree! 


What to expect?

  • Comfortable Individualized accommodations
  • Personalized care and attention like they are our own
  • Plenty of room to roam and explore, while supervised
  • A unique getaway at an affordable price 

What to pack?

Orlando is looking forward to your pet's visit and will strive to make them feel just as comfortable as if they were at home. After booking your pet's stay, don't forget to pack! We recommend that you pack:

  • Their food
  • Their toys
  • Their bedding
  • Any medication that they are currently taking/receiving 
  • Any other thing that you could think of that would help make them comfortable during their getaway
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