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Livestock Producer

We breed our animals for good production traits, temperament, color variations, gorwth, parasite and illness resistance.


We strive to keep our animals comfortable and happy. There are various animals on the property of different breeds, life stages and purposes. We let them roam (rabbits are caged), and when in enclosures make sure they have ample space. Our structures and trees did take a hit with Hurricane Irma, so it may not be pretty......but the animals don't seem to mind. Also, keep in mind we are an out door facility so there is dirt, wind, the elements (torrential downpours not a good time to visit), spider webs and spiders, and poop. Dress accordingly. 

What we currently have

Guinea fowl- seasonal

Turkeys- seasonal 





Rabbits-mostly miniature and a few standard, very few babies

Pigs- not miniature

Sheep- only lambs

Schnoodle puppies- seasonal

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